About Us

Diamond in the Ruff Rescue & Rehab, Inc is a Non Profit 501 c(3) corporation.
We are a foster home based, NO KILL organization with foster homes throughout South Carolina, committed to giving dogs and cats a second chance at life.  These pets in our care come from various sources, personal owners, animal control, strays and from high kill shelters.  These animals find themselves homeless from a variety of reasons, frequently at no fault of the pet.  We provide veterinarian care for these pets, restoring them to proper health, while the pets stay in our foster homes, which provide an emotionally stimulating and happy environment.  Foster homes also ensure that the pet has been properly socialized, both with humans and other pets.

We at Diamond in the Ruff Rescue & Rehab do not reject or euthanize pets that are in need of special medical treatment, training, or care, because it may be too costly to treat them or an inconvenience for us. We accept many special needs cases into our program each year, such as pets that:
- are heartworm positive
- have Demodex or Sarcoptic mange

- have genetic disorders
- have neurological disorders
- have Parvovirus
- have Distemper
- have Coccidia
- have been poisoned by antifreeze or other toxin
- have been shot, chained, beaten, and/or starved
- have been th
rown from moving vehicles and/or hit by cars
- are seniors with or without arthritis and/or cataracts
- are deaf and/or blind

We have just received a grant that will provide us with free canine influenza vaccinations!  To read more, click here!

We have repaired subluxated knees and have done a total hip replacement on a one year old rescue, requiring $4,100 in donations.  In several cases, we have outfitted dogs with wheelchairs, allowing them the freedom to walk and play.  Chiropractic care has
also been utilized in the cases of spinal injuries, gently increasing the range of motion and reducing pain.  We provide our special pets with professional medical treatment, special training, and, in some cases, sanctuary u ntil the end of their lives.  Our deaf dogs are trained in American Sign Language, allowing essential communication.  We have been and will continue to be committed to pets in need, providing whatever medical or physiolog ical treatment needed to rehabilitate them in an effort to find them a loving forever home.  As treatment te nds to be expensive, we actively fundraise to help offset these expenses, allowing us to maintain a reasonable adoption fee.  By not charging adopters the cost it takes for rehabilitation, these pets are adopted sooner, allowing us to help other pets in need. 

Conventional rescues and shelters have people who are paid for their time and efforts. All positions at Diamond in the Ruff Rescue & Rehab are filled by volunteers, including the Director’s position, leaving a hundred percent of every dollar raised, to the care and maintenance of the dogs. We believe no pet should be forced to suffer because o
f man's neglect or of genetic deformity.  Each pet given to us is a gift to be treasured. Gandhi once said “You can tell the character of p eople b y the way they treat their animals.”  Please help us in our endeavors to make a difference, one pet at a time.

Our adoption process includes an application which can either be filled out online or at one of our off-site events.  Our adoption coordinator will review the application with you, to ensure that the right pet goes to the right family.  We operate along the lines of a dating service, matching personalities and interests.  While our pets are healthy and emotionally well-rounded (unless noted otherwise), we understand that high energy dogs won’t be happy in an apartment with only one walk a day.  We also understand that some dogs are couch potatoes and won’t be thrilled to go on a 5 mile long hike with you.  Many hours of love, medical treatment, behavi
oral modification, and training go into our pets, to ensure their well-being and happiness.  In adopters, we look for those who would like to have a companion pet as part of their family - people that are willing and determined to spend the needed time, love, and money in maintaining their pet's proper physical and emotional well being, for life.