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Before You Adopt

Our adoption process:

1. Fill out an application
Once you see a dog you are interested in, we ask that you fill out an adoption application so that we may first see if this dog could be a fit in your environment based on temperament and energy level.  We ask that this be done before you email us with any questions about the dog because we are all volunteers with other full-time obligations, and would like to maximize everyone's time.  While we are extremely committed to our dogs and finding them good homes, we are always running at a time crunch, as many other needy dogs are waiting in kill shelters for us to save them from euthanasia.

2. We will contact you back
Our adoption coordinator will contact you within 40 business hours to speak to you about your application, which will consist of more questions about your household, information about the dog you are interested in, and/or a suggestion to another dog we have that might better suit your environment.  For example, a higher energy dog would flourish in an active household, whereas a lower energy dog would be more content with quiet evenings at home.  This is the perfect time to ask about factors that would affect your decision to adopt.

3. Finalize adoption
Once we are sure that our dog would be perfect for you and you are sure that you would like to be his/her forever home, the adoption can be finalized.  This includes signing an adoption contract, paying the adoption donation, and signing a spay/neuter contract if applicable.  This is the perfect time to ask what kind of toys the dog likes, what kind of food he/she is currently fed, potty schedules, etc.  We will go over the medical history of the dog with you, and give you the records to pass along to your vet.

Adoption donations cover:
spay/neuter, heartworm test, vaccinations, including Rabies and Bordetella, heartworm preventative, de-wormer and Frontline and (in some cases) micro chipping.
Puppies are released under a spay/neuter contract, which means that you take him/her to our vet for a pre-set appointment which we pay for.  We offer discounted adoption fees if adopting litter mates, special needs pets and on our senior pets.

IF YOU SEE A PET OR TWO YOU WOULD LIKE TO ADOPT, TRANSPORTATION IS AVAILABLE WITHIN A REASONABLE DISTANCE. Outside our travel distance, alternate ground transportation may be obtained.

If the adoption fee is a main factor in your decision of where to adopt a dog, we implore you to read this article (click here!).  All of our dogs are put up for adoption after they have been tested for parvo and heartworm, and have had a check-up.  If we find any health issues that we are unable to treat for any reason, you will be informed, as this is in the best interest of all parties.

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