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Hey Michelle!

I'm back in Mass safely, and I can't wait to visit and see you guys as soon as possible! I also got Cooper a halti - love it! It's so beautiful here right now, and it's been amazing to take him for walks around my dad's condo complex because it's got a nice pond and with the halti he
doesn't lunge for ducks or birds, which is wonderful!

Anyways, I got Cooper's DNA results and you will not believe it!

His ancestry is:
Level 3: Miniature Pinscher
Level 3: Poodle
Level 4: Lhasa Apso
Level 4: Rottweiler
Level 4: Yorkshire Terrier
Level 5: Brittany Spaniel

Here are the breed descriptions:
Miniature Pinscher - Demanding and headstrong, the Min Pin is spirited and fearless. They are a big dog in a small dog's body, and may be overly courageous. They have high energy and love to bark. They may show aggression toward other dogs. They can learn well, and are eager to do so.

Poodle - Dignified and proud the Poodle is highly intelligent and easily trained. They enjoy being with people. Some can be sensitive and high strung. They may be reserved with strangers, but are close to their family and expect to be included in family activities.

Lhasa Apso - Lively, assertive, friendly, and hardy. They may be suspicious of strangers and will not tolerate rough children. They can be willful and respond best to motivational training. They need a dominant owner. They have a loud, persistent bark and sound bigger than they really are, making them good watchdogs. They are happiest being the only dog in the house.

Rottweiler - Calm and reliable, devoted to their family, the Rott is extremely protective. They must be firmly trained or may become overly aggressive. They are natural gaurd dogs. They are highly intelligent and hard working. They can be aggressive toward other dogs.

Yorkshire Terrier - Totally oblivious of its small size, the Yorkie is always eager for adventure and trouble. While affectionate toward their master they may be suspicious of strangers. True to their terrier heritage, they can be aggressive toward strange dogs as well as small animals. They are best in households with older children, strictly for
their own physical protection. They may be difficult to  housebreak. A perfect companion, they require a lot of human attention but should not be overly spoiled or they may become neurotic.

Brittany Spaniel - Agile and active. They are intelligent and easy to train, especially for hunting. Some may be timid, nervous or hyperactive. They like to roam, and adapt well to cold and damp climates. They are enthusiastic and untiring with a strong retrieving instinct.

It's safe to say he's a real mix alright!! From Rotty to Yorkie haha I'm going to continue to call him a golden mix because it's just easier, but it just goes to show that you never know just by looking what breed a dog is!

I found this really enlightening because Cooper definitely is timid around strangers and I never understood why because he has been socialized decently well, but most of the breeds listed above are characterized by that (poodle, lhasa apso, yorkie, and brittany). It works out well for me
too because his bark definitely sounds bigger than he is (lhasa apso), and no one can come near my car without him growling. It's comforting to have his protective nature, he def has the watchdog mentality (lhasa apso and rottweiler). His heritage also explains why he's been such a delight to train! I also noticed he must have gotten his ears from the Brittany Spaniel in him, same fluffiness on the top like he has. Who knows where he got his fluffy husky like tail?! Can you believe Rottweiler though? Who would have thought!?! I'm quite proud! :o)

I've attached a few pictures. A recent one of him and a baby picture of him, and a picture of his mother, Abby. I also attached a picture of me and him for you. Feel free to use him and his results on your website, if you need anything else, let me know! Hope all is well!