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Why Adopt?

There are many reasons why you should chose pet adoption over buying. Here's some of them:

1. You'll be saving a life! Whether you adopt from a kill shelter or no-kill rescue, you either directly save that pet from euthanasia, or clear up a spot for a pet that can be pulled off death row.  If you adopt from a rescue, you are actually saving two lives, the one you adopt, and the one who can occupy its space in the rescue.  And for that, your pet will be eternally grateful!

2. You'll know more about the pet you are getting! Rescues, especially, are able to give
not only a medical history, but personality, interactions with other types of animals and children. In the case of older dogs, you'll usually get a completely trained pet, which reduces the headache of housebreaking and leash training.  Rescues often operate like a dating service, matching up the right pet with the right family, based on a careful analysis of traits and hobbies shared by both.  Higher energy dogs won't be happy in an apartment with only one walk a day, just as a low energy dog won't spring to the idea of going on a 5-mile hike.  

3a. If you're looking for a purebred, you'll pay a lot less. A breeder puppy can run you between $500 and $1000 or even more, while an adoption fee can be from $50-$300, and it usually includes more vetting. Cheaper "purebreds" can also be found, but these are usually either not purebred or have not been vetted, which can lead to parvo, worms, or a variety of other medical problems. Purebreds (even AKC registered!) end up in shelters and rescues all the time, without the pet being at fault. Lots of pets are victims of lost jobs, relocation, divorce, family death, and other issues unrelated to the pet. Even purebred puppies end up in shelters!  There are hundreds of purebred rescues that only accept AKC registered dogs.  A lot of these are actually endorsed by the AKC, and a list of these can be found here:

3b. If you're a fan of mixed breeds, or don't have a preference, shelters and rescues are still the way to go. "Free to a good home" dogs usually come with medical or behavorial issues attached, even if they aren't disclosed up front. When adopting from a reputable organization, you'll be informed of all vetting history known and any issues. Also, mixed breeds tend to live longer, due to hybrid vigor.

4. You can get a choice of age! Some are attracted to the adorable faces of puppies and kittens. Some don't have the time to care for young pets and would like a trained adult. Some love the gentle companionship of a senior pet.

5. Finally, a rescue/shelter pet has a lot of love to give. They don't understand the intermediate phase of their life, only that you came along and gave them love and happiness. Just like humans can fall in love again, pets can fall in love with a new owner.

Give a shelter pet a chance today!

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If you are unable to adopt at this time, please consider fostering! For more information, CLICK HERE.