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How Kissable is Your Dog?

posted Feb 14, 2010, 8:08 PM by Angela G
[cross-posted from Dr. Jon's  Dog Crazy Newsletter]

How kissable is your dog? Does he have bad breath? Are his teeth stained?

Well, if you do not brush your dog's teeth it is very likely that your dog has "doggy" breath, stained yellow teeth and/or swollen gums.

If you brush you dog's teeth, I congratulate you.  You are in the top 20% of pet owners in the country.

However, if you do not brush your dog's teeth, you are making a big mistake...

Healthy teeth and gums are important for biting and chewing, and even more important for your dog's overall good health. Tooth and gum disease can lead to serious health problems, including infection, kidney problems and heart disease!

Brushing your dog's teeth makes a world of difference. In fact, the American Animal Hospital Association says brushing your dog's teeth could add as much as five years to his life.

So if that's not something you are already doing, you really must start. You should brush your dog's teeth at least three times a week. 

We make our kids brush their teeth every night so they have healthy teeth and gums.  Our dogs are no different.

Many of you have told me that you do kiss your dogs ... and that it would be a lot more fun without the "doggy breath."

I hope this helps you.

Until next time,

Dr. Jon

P.S. February is Doggy Dental Month and we are trying to increase the number of people that properly care for their dog's teeth.  This is truly a small investment in your dog's health.