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Yard Toxins - What You Should Know to Protect Your Dog

posted Jul 2, 2010, 8:27 PM by Angela G
[cross-posted from Dr. Jon's Dog Crazy Newsletter]

A lot of pet owners ask this question - "What plants are toxic to pets?" This is a great question, especially now as you plant your garden and spend more time outdoors. We have a couple of great articles about toxic plants that every dog owner should read.

What Plants Are Toxic To Pets? - Go to:

Tips For Planting A Pet Safe Garden - Go to:

Lawn And Garden Hazards - What You Should Know - Go to:

I hope these articles help you to plant a pet safe garden and to keep your dog safe from toxins.

Until next time,

Dr. Jon

P.S. A lot of pet owners also ask about poisonous indoor plants. Here is a great article. Go to:

P.P.S. Keep your dog safe this 4th of July. Here is a quick video with safety tips. 

4th of July