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Hi Michelle, Wanted to catch you up on our precious Condi. As you may remember, since you had to perform the delivery, she turned 1 year old on 9/4/11.  She has been attended and passed 4 levels of training at Anderson Dog Works, Beginner Pupper, Star Puppy, Intermediate Puppy, and Canine Good Citizen. She has an AKC registration through their PALS program. We think she is beautiful and wonderful, but all parents say those things. She loves all other animals,kids, and people in general. She is vvvvERY energetic, which is no real surprise given her breed. Her very best friend is my Mom's kitten (Kit) which is about 1 month older than her. We babysit Kit  often when my parents travel, so Kit and Condi have spent time together from the very beginning. We had a birthday party for Condi with some of her best dog buddies with a birthday cake made from stuff especially for dogs. The hats at Party City were too big for the dachshunds, so we had to fashion some Lion's King coffee cups to fit them. I am attaching a few photos and a link to a private view on You Tube with her playing with Kit. Condi is about 4 months old at the time of the video, but their play style hasn't changed a lot.  The photos I am attaching are current. She has a very unusual marking on one side that looks exactly like the number "10".
I have often wondered if you have been updated on any of the other puppies as to their disposition, etc. I would appreciate it if you would share anything that you can about how her mother or littermates are doing.
Thanks for all of your hard work; our lives have been truly blessed.
Sincerely, Lynn