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Isis was alone with Jessica for several hours before I got home.  When I came in the door, she began barking and growling at me.  Even once she calmed down, she would not come within 5 feet of me.  I took her for a walk and fed her so she could get used to having me do things with her.  Even so, she would growl when I entered the room etc.  It was about 24-36 hours before she finally started to get comfortable around me, but we are best buds now.
She has proven to be a very shy dog.  She wouldn't approach people, and would growl if they approached her.  Dogs got the same reaction, although a bit worse.  We have been taking her to the dog park and getting her to meet as many people and dogs as possible, and although she is still shy, she has improved greatly.  She still growls if dogs approach her head on, but she is getting more comfortable with the sniffing rituals, etc. and she is MUCH better with new people. 
Jessica took her to the vet last week just to get her checked over, and all was well.  We had a few food issues at first, but we seem to have found one (Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream) that seems to agree with her more.  She does not keep a very regular feeding schedule, but she finally seems used to the new food. 
She is a very loving and loyal dog and we are greatly enjoying having her in our house.  She loves cuddling on the couch with us and is always eager to receive a belly rub.  I do believe we broke her of her bed-jumping habit.  Jessica said you warned her about that one. Of course, if it were up to Jessica, Isis would be in bed with us all the time. :)
Enclosed are some pictures of our furry friend.