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Otis and Brutus

[Otis and Brutus were two of the red merle dachshund puppies of a litter of four that were born in our rescue.]

Hi Marlee!  Just wanted to give you an update on our little bundles of joy.  We have named them Otis (as you know) and Brutus.  They are both so loveable and so precious.  The potty training is actually going really well, which I knew would just take time.  They have both adjusted really well and I cannot tell you how happy we are to have them in our home.  They have met all of their aunts (I have three sisters) and some of their cousins (our nieces).  Our neighbor has generously agreed to let them out for a while during the day, so they are becoming familiar with the schedule and have some play time while we are at work.  They are still very playful and love when we sit in the floor with them to play.  We have kept them on the same dog food so there have not been any upset tummies so far.  We are taking them tomorrow to the vet to get the second round of shots and have a checkup.  I will send pictures soon.  I have taken many, but just haven’t put them on the computer.  I just wanted to send an update your way, so you would know Otis and Brutus are still happy and healthy little guys.  In fact, I think Otis is getting to be about the same size as Brutus.  Please send my message to the rest of the rescue crew as we are two very satisfied adoptive parents!