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Hi Michelle and all the great people at Diamond in the Ruff.

Here are some pictures of Sugar and her pack.  She is doing so, so well, I can't even find the words.  She is so friendly, affectionate and calm.  How could someone let her go?  Her health is so much better now too.  With the excellent care you gave her, some time, good food and a little more medicine from my vet Dr Ellenburg, she is thriving.

She has to show me she's not completely perfect :-).  I got up the other night and she had thrown up in her crate...sticks.  So she is definitely a *dog*.  And she has eaten one piece of human clothing (one of my bras) before I got toys to replace the clothes.  My older dogs are not into toys...until Sugar picks one of them up then the play is on :-).

Izzie (cattle dog mix) and her have turned out to be good play buddies.  It is so much fun watching them.

Many thanks for all you do.