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(see pictures and backstory here: Tater)

Everything is still going great.  Had our vet appt last week and he was very supportive of our decision to move forward with the slow kill method for the heartworm.  We were glad we did the x-rays and blood work (we wanted a baseline for the future).  X-rays showed some damage to the heart already from the heartworms - we will follow-up with a second set in 6 months to monitor that.  It also showed that Tatee has some back issues - 4-5 bone spurs and two of the segments have fused together.  So, no more stairs for this little girl!  She has lost another pound (yippiiee), so that will continue to help with that.  Blood work showed elevated liver and kidney (but not high enough to be a problem), but was very in keeping with a heartworm positive pooch.