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(Zac was a long time resident of Diamond in the Ruff, and he finally found his forever home!  To read about Zac's past, CLICK HERE. To read about Zac's future, stay on this page!)

Hi!!! This is 1st attempt at an email but Shannan is helping!!! I miss all of you very much, but my new family is really nice. I am getting used to my new home. It is fun to go out an explore new places. I get to go on a couple of walks a day and we always go a different way so I am getting to check out my new neighborhood!! There is a cat that lives down the one street and I LOVE to go that way but Shannan and Damian won't let me!! Isabella is not allowed to walk me just yet, I guess cuz I am big and strong and would take her for a ride if I decided to go find that cat!!

I have had a couple accidents in the house, I don't like when Shannan goes to work, but Shannan doesn't get mad at me when I have an accident. And I am getting better and when I don't have an accident in the house I GET A TREAT!!! and Shannan comes home from work to check on me to see what I am up too!!!! I like to move the couch out from the window so I can see what is going on, but most times when the kids or Shannan come home I am crashed out on the couch....as you can see :)......

It has been so cold here. Shannan said it has been in the negatives, whatever that means but I know it is cold. It hurts my paws to be outside so on those days we just play in the yard and go for a quick walk. I like playing in the snow with my tennis ball. The snow is up to my belly!!! that takes some getting used to since I am a southern doggie!!!

I get to go for a car ride almost everyday and I got to meet a bunch of Shannans friends!! They all really like me and they LOVE to play ball with me. Her one friend stops over during the day to take me for a walk and play ball with me. I love him!!

I get my medicine everyday :) and my neck feels pretty good!!
I wasn't eating good for the first couple days but now I am. I get fed in the mornings about 8:30 and I get my supper around 4:30!!! It is the same food you gave me so I eat it all!!!

When Shannan or the kids come home I get my tennis ball and we play. I love to hide my tennis ball in my blanket and tear up the living room looking for it. I put it in a basket of clothes one day and took all the clothes out of the basket looking for it..hehehehe......Shannan had to refold all the clothes!! And we run around and play lots!!

I love Damian he is my buddy. Wherever he goes in the house that is where I am. We get to hang out in his room and I get to sleep with him at night. I love it!! He takes such good care of me too!!! The kids even fight over who gets to play with me and where I sleep....They really love me....But Shannan tells them to just let me go where I want and I want to be with Damian!!! They haven't had any of their friends over yet to meet me, but hopefully soon...More people to play with!!!

I am trying to be the boss on the leash and go where I want and do what I want, but that's not working out to well for me. Shannan and Damian think they are the boss so I guess I better listen so I am doing better but I still like to see what I can get away with.

They are doing really good with my ASL and I understand everything they tell me and I listen to them very well.
I really like my new home so far. I get all the love and attention I want.... I still miss you and I always will, but I am getting more comfortable here and am starting to be really happy!!!
I will never forget you!! You were my bestest friend and I LOVE YOU!!!!
If you ever come up this way you have to stop and see me please!!! and Shannan said if we are ever down that way, maybe on vacation, that we can come see you if that's ok!!!!
Big KISSES from me!!!