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posted Feb 24, 2011, 1:29 PM by Unknown user
We were able to get Koda and Batman from freezing to death in a backyard in OH, on Sat. As you can see in the picture these dogs are very sweet and so grateful to be warm and with humans again. They will never have to be in fear of being left behind, freezing or going hungry again.

Jim was able to make the emergency trip of 946 miles, in two days. He went and got them from OH and brought them to us in SC. The total for car rental and gas to do this trip was $331.66. We are asking for help with donations to cover this cost. Since we still have to neuter, hw test and vaccinate each boy, donations for the transport would be appreciated.
A huge thank you to everyone who donated towards this cause!  We couldn't do what we do without you!