Low Cost Spay/Neuter

While we do not offer a spay/neuter program, there are clinics/programs available in your area!  Click here to search for one in your area:

Other websites with helpful links are:

Why would Spaying/Neutering benefit you?
1. Your pet will live longer!  Studies show that neutered male dogs have a drastically smaller risk of contracting uterine or testicular cancer.  Spayed female dogs have a drastically smaller risk of breast cancer and urinary infections.  Older dogs that have been bred commonly get cancers of the reproductive system.

2a. Your male pet will behave better!  This is especially in the case of male dogs.  Neutering at a young (but not too young) age reduces the chance that the dog will roam, "mark" or "leg lift" in the house and on your belongings, and show aggression towards other male dogs.  On the contrary, male dogs that have not been neutered are greatly affected by proximity to a female in heat.  They will attempt to break out and break anything and everything to get to the female, including digging under fences, breaking fences and leashes, and crossing streets in heavy traffic.  Additionally, if the pet's attention is not focused on reproducing, he'll have more attention for you. :)

2b. Your female pet will be easier to care for!  Menstruation usually lasts 10 days twice a year.  She will bleed over anything and everything she sits on.  She will yowl randomly and frequently, and urinate more frequently in her attempts to attract a mate.  Additionally, once she marks your yard while in heat, male dogs all over the neighborhood will come courting, and your fence will not deter them (see 2a).  These courting dogs will also often urinate excessively around your property in an attempt to claim the female for themselves.  This usually leads to accidental pregnancies, which are very costly.

What are some myths about Spaying/Neutering?
1. It makes a pet gain weight.  If the pet is spayed/neutered before sexual maturity, weight is not affected.  If the pet is altered after sexual maturity, the pet's appetite may increase, and weight gain can be thwarted with reducing portions/no free feeding or more exercise.

2. It makes a dog lazy.  Without reproduction as a motivation, dogs don't have a reason to be energetic.  This is completely false.  There is no change in energy level or playing as a result of spaying/neutering.

3. It causes a personality change in the dog.  Well, it does, but for the better!  See 2a and 2b from the "Why would Spaying/Neutering benefit you?"  Otherwise there is no more personality change in an altered pet just like humans don't undergo a personality change after a vasectomy or an oophorectomy.  

4. My dog should be able to experience the joys of sex.  Sex, for a dog, is no more important than chasing a squirrel: satisfying an instinctual drive.  Usually people with this issue over-identify with their dog, cringing at the thought of castration, when in reality, the dog barely notices that his family jewels are gone (except for immediately after the surgery, and this is due to the stitches).  This operation does not hurt, nor are they conscious when it is performed!  The pet is anesthetized, just like humans are when they undergo surgery.

5. I'd like to show my children the miracle of birth.  There are enough homeless dogs, so please don't add to them!  Children can watch videos of live animal or human births on the internet.  The reality is that if you breed, chances are that at least one of the puppies will end up in a shelter, and possibly euthanized.  Don't be responsible for creating a life that may end up unnaturally and prematurely terminated!

Everyone needs some comic relief.  Here are some slogans that have been used for this:
- You'd neuter your husband if he was having sex with everyone in the neighborhood
- You'd spay your wife if she was having sex with everyo
ne in the neighborhood
- Balls are for fetching.  Neuter your pets.
- It's hip to snip

- Neuter is cuter
- I ♠ my cat/dog because I ♥ her

- Save the day!  Neuter and spay!
- Real men's dogs don't need balls
- Don't litter!  Spay and neuter

And if you're still not convinced that spaying/neutering is the right thing to do, I encourage you to visit this link and read what various sources have to say on the topic: