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Baby is a sweet, gentle, non-aggressive 2 year-old American Pit Bull Terrier. She came to us from a veterinarian's office that found her tied to their front stoop one morning after a very cold, 17 degree night. When Baby was taken in, the vet determined she was extremely terrified, underweight, and had a scar on her back running from her neck to her tail. The vet called our rescue and we went over to assess Baby. We found her shaking and terrified in a corner, but a dog that had the potential to be a wonderful family pet once she received the right rehabilitation. While Baby was receiving veterinary care, a Heartworm test determined that she was Heartworm positive. Since our rescue has a policy to not turn down a Heartworm positive animal, we had Baby treated at the vet's office. Baby underwent Heartworm treatment on March 15, 2010 through our veterinarian. Since then, Baby has made a quick and full recovery and is on a monthly Heartworm preventative (something her adoptive family MUST continue so that she never has to go through the pain of treatment again!) Upon intake, and after giving Baby time to settle, we found out she was still too fearful and terrified to leash walk. We picked Baby up and physically carried her outside to assess her with two other rescue animals. We discovered that she was extremely submissive to other dogs, as well as fearful of both people and dogs. Today, Baby is in a foster home with multiple other canines ranging from puppy age to adult, 5 pound Chihuahuas to 100+ pound large Rottweilers. Baby loves them all! Baby is such a gentle soul and is good with other dogs, cats and children of all ages! While in foster, Baby raised a 3 week old kitten that had been found in a dumpster and was often found cuddled up next to him and ensuring his safety. She is extremely compassionate and loves to be held. Baby is learning there are kind, trustworthy people in the world. Even though the people Baby knew in her past were neglectful and possibly abusive, she has learned people can be caring and loving with the help of her foster family and volunteers. This growth will continue in her forever home

While in our rescue, we have learned that, while very understandable, Baby is unsure of herself around unfamiliar faces and new environments. We have had her in two different foster homes to help bring out her confidence level. In Baby's first foster home, it took her 2 weeks to feel comfortable enough to move around the apartment like it was hers, and another 2 weeks to feel comfortable to wander around outside the building. She then quickly learned that everything was okay and she was safe, and was often found running around outside with the neighbors' dogs and chasing the tennis ball. She has a lot of personality, and most of the time is found lounging in her favorite chair. Once she makes herself at home, she will pick one spot she loves more than any other and she will claim it as hers. Baby is currently in her second foster home, and gets many visits from rescue volunteers. She welcomes them with a wagging tail and is a dog with much more confidence then she was upo
n intake. She even likes some visitors so much that she actually SMILES at them, showing all her teeth! This is hard to describe, but you'll know it when you see it!! It is a known fact that animals don't live in the past, but liv
e in the moment. We are looking for an adopter for Baby who understands that her past is behind her, and her future is bright. She just needs someone with enough patience to allow her time to adjust. She will bond completely with her adoptive family, and will be a lifetime companion for a very lucky forever home.

Baby has finally found her forever home and has been renamed Sadie! After a few nights of acclimating to her new surroundings and new owner, she has made steps to come out of her shell.  Sadie is now the proud owner of a huge, comfortable dog bed and will live the rest of her life in complete security.  She has come to terms with her surroundings and loves playing with the kids next door, and is getting less fearful of walks.

Sadie's new owner writes: "It's been one year since I brought Sadie home with me. One fantastic year since she went from scared dog who cowered at my front door to proud service dog who, when not in her vest, romps at the dog park happily chasing other dogs, or when in my neighbours yard defends it vigourously from invading squirrels. One year ago today she had to be carried into my car by her former foster mom. One year ago today she stared at me, cowering at my front door, afraid of me, my house, everything. Today she does her “happy dance” every time we take a walk. Her happy dance consists of her rolling on the ground with a smile on her face then getting up and running quickly, turning back to me then running towards me, wagging her tail and showering me with kisses. We go on hikes without a leash because she never gets to where she cannot see me. She's my service dog because she stops debilitating anxiety attacks before I even know they're coming on. She walks around proudly with her vest and she even fought (and won!) her battle with her old nemesis the shopping cart (she also won her battle with her arch-rival the ceiling fan – both fears conquered!) Now we are working on her fear of buses, but with her anxiety vest she even takes treats from me while on the bus, so I have a feeling that she'll conquer that fear in no time at all. Right now (without her vest) we are in advanced dog training classes because I want Sadie to get her Canine Good Citizenship certificate. Anyone who's ever met her knows that she's already a good citizen, but as a pittie she has an uphill battle. As my service dog she has to be let into any apartment, even non-dog apartments, but I want an extra layer of protection. I also want another accomplishment to brag about my dog. Oh yeah, did I mention she took best rescue at an ABKC show? Well she did, and we'll be going to more shows, and they're even making a category for rescues so she will be a registered show dog. How cool is that? Right now she's pulling on me to go inside to go to class – I swear my dog loves to go to class more then I do, which is cool, because I need her to be excited about these things. But yeah, this is where Sadie is a year later."

Sadie and her story post-adoption has been published online! Click HERE to read it.