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Buttercup was adopted to a home; however, due to unfortunate circumstances and an unforseen illness in the family, Buttercup has been returned to us. Buttercup was abandoned on a highway in a busy intersection in front of a Walmart when she was found by a good Samaritan. Because she was weak and bleeding, she was immediately transported to a veterinarian. Upon assessment, he found that her rectum was prolapsed, and the veterinarian treated it as a worm infestation. From there, we were contacted, and we immediately took her in. After her treatment for worm infestation was completed, we realized that it did not help or heal her rectal injuries so she underwent exploratory surgery. The veterinarian found that she had been violated by a hard object, and two inches of her rectum consisted mainly of scar tissue which needed to be removed in order for her body to heal and return to its normal state. Her surgery was successful, but her recuperation took nearly a month. Buttercup is a beautiful, 2 year old Pit Bull Terrier. She is sweet, caring, and submissive. She is a beta, and gets along with every dog she meets. She does not have an aggressive bone in her body and has no desire to confront other dogs. It would be best if her home has another non-aggressive dog for her to bond with, for it would be easy for her to be hurt.
Butters has just been readopted, and has a wonderful doggie sibling and a new family who already is working on spoiling her.  She is now on gourmet fresh food, which will tremendously help with her gastrointestinal issues.