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Conner is a cute little Chihuahua who came to us after he was turned into a Georgia shelter with a stick protruding from his eye. As the stick wasn't the most sterile object, his eye got infected. We are currently treating him with the last round of antibiotic eye ointment, and it is recovering extremely well! He is regaining sight steadily in that eye, and will soon be back to perfect eye health, but unfortunately he will never be back to full sight in that eye.  He is currently using a lubricating eye cream 3-4 times a day, to minimize corneal irritation.

On intake, Connor's mouth was full of decaying and rotten teeth due to neglect. If left untreated, this could have lead to his teeth rotting out or gum disease. If gum disease spreads far enough it could get into his bloodstream and eventually kill him. We have since had Conner into our veterinarian and he has undergone a full dental procedure, complete with extractions and cleaning. His teeth look much better now; however, our organization paid for this and it is a costly procedure. We appreciate any donations that could help us cover the bill.

Conner has found his forever home!  He will spend the rest of his days sleeping on his new parents and confusing his new Tibetan Spaniel sister and Portuguese Water Dog Mix brother.  He will also see his former foster parents every holiday!