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Silent Lucidity

Silent Lucidity is a deaf, white boxer who came to us with her puppies.  It is speculated that her mate was a Great Dane/Lab mix, as the puppies grew to be very large, had webbed feet, and some were brindle.  Lucidity and her puppies were on death row, since she was deaf and the shelter didn't want to deal with her or her hearing puppies.

Lucidity was emaciated from not getting enough food to support nursing puppies, and even suffered some hair loss from the lack of nutrition.  After physically nursing her back to health, we started teaching her American Sign Language commands, which she picked up quickly.  She can come, sit, stay, lay down, walk, and many other things any other normal dog can do.  You can even tell her she is a "good girl" and she understands.

Long after all her puppies were adopted, someone finally saw Lucidity's personality and fell in love with her.  She is now living in her forever home.