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Mollie is a 3-year-old Beagle mix.  One of our volunteers found her along with her daughters, abandoned and left to die of exposure in the winter.  Only two of her daughters survived, and Mollie was frozen to the ground.  Her paws were so frostbitten that her toes were black and she lost the skin on them.  It took a while for Mollie to walk without pain so she was given soft beds to lie on and soft surfaces to walk on.

It was also apparent that she lacked proper socialization and training.  She was extremely timid and nervous upon intake, trying to avoid us all.  After lots of time and love, she gradually gained confidence and trust.  While she still hasn't come completely out of her shell, she has come a long way.  She loves to play with the other dogs in her foster home and loves when her foster mom and dad give her attention.  When she knows it's feeding time, she will do a little howl in excitement, then run to her kennel to eat.  Only when she is excited, do you hear Mollie as she rarely barks.  Mollie is very gentle and has a mild-mannered temperament, with good maternal instincts.  She loves when we have puppies or a new adult dog, as she tries to welcome them and make them feel at home.

Mollie has now found her forever home, and she has a child to play with!