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Tater is a chunky but sweet, 8 year old pug girl who loves to give kisses and go on walks.  She is currently on a diet and exercise regime to get her ready for bikini season!  Losing weight is easy for Tater as she loves walks, even matching your pace willingly, and loves veggies (broccoli and lettuce stems microwaved for a few seconds).  She loves her circular bed, but jumps up to follow you around the house if you stray too far.  Tater also loves plush toys, and if she wants attention, she'll pick one up and ram it into your leg.  If you let her, she will throw her paws on your shoulders and lick your face off!  Tater is a purebred Pug with a double coat (currently shaved down to beat the ridiculous heat) but no breathing problems whatsoever (does not need palate surgery). She is heartworm positive, but on the slow kill treatment.

Tater has been adopted by a wonderful couple in Tennessee who have an Appalachian Hound named Apple (see left).  She has been renamed Tatee/TateeBug!  They are continuing with her heartworm treatment and with her diet (lost another pound in a few weeks!). Tater has been found to have fused vertebrae, and will be carried up and down stairs now, but she loves her new pampered life with many orthopedic beds (even though she chooses the floor sometimes).