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Zeus is a Rottweiler who came to us severely overweight, weighing in at around 170 pounds.  We were able to take him down to 140 pounds before he had an accident in the yard and blew a spinal disk.  It took five people to pick him up and carry him to a Jeep to take him to the vet.  The vet told us that we would have to make a decision on whether to euthanize him or not, as his extra weight was putting pressure on his lungs, which would eventually force them to collapse.

We called a surgeon regarding spinal fusion surgery, but they would not operate on him due to his extra weight.  We contacted a chiropractor, and she was willing to try to work with him.  After one adjustment at the chiropractor, he could sit up.  We gave him physical therapy three times a day, and chiropractic adjustments three times a week.

After only a short while, he showed great signs of improvement.  We held a fundraiser for him, and after two weeks, enough  money was raised to buy a customized wheelchair for him.  He then had to re-learn how to walk.  After using the wheelchair for a few months, he no longer needed it, and could walk on his own, although we continued weekly chiropractic adjustments.

Unfortunately, he succumbed to renal failure, but we know that his rehabilitation was worth allowing him to live a happy life.